Always Returning

Reminded of this by Caitlin Kelly’s piece which in turn was inspired by Imbolo Mbue’s NY Times Essay – How To Vote As An Immigrant and a Citizen

Quotidian Things



Whilst rustling through my documents at the weekend – I forget what prompted the decision to take on the Sisyphean task of rummaging through drawers filled with several years’ worth of papers of varying vintage – it struck me that it was now nearly five years to the day since I dragged myself, bags in tow, off the East Coast train from Newcastle to Aberdeen to begin a new life of sorts. Ditching my Nigerian job for grad school 18 months before meant that nostalgia – and twenty-something years’ worth of memories – counted for little; pragmatism was very much the defining consideration. In a sense, Newcastle, and then Aberdeen afterwards was about tearing everything up and starting afresh from scratch, pretty much the recovery from a self-imposed apocalypse. The driver for that decision was a sense of injustice at the Nigerian work environment; five years of…

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2 thoughts on “Always Returning

  1. I read this essay with interest. I was looking forward to leaving a comment. Imagine my surprise when I saw my comment at the end, lol!

    Has my perspective changed since then? In a way. ‘Fate’ not nostalgia has made me return to the Motherland. My heart remains in many places at once. Perhaps I’m a citizen of the world! Thanks for sharing.


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