Finally Home.

For TheB, and all the other broken hearts…

Though tears like a river course down like rain,
And your heart by cupid’s fiery barbs is rent.
Although your cracked voice breaks out in wails,
And hell with all its fury and fiends seem sent.
Be still, Stay strong, you’ll make it home.

Though fear like a cloak your mind enshrouds,
And rabid voices, your reasoning besiege.
Though Night descends, your dreams to hound,
And heart beats resonate to a symphony of rage.
Be still, Stay strong, you’ll make it home.

Tears will fall down, but they only last so long,
Fiery barbs in time, will lie as cold as ash.
Cracked voices soon will yield to flowing tongues,
And hell with all its fury will soon seem all too brash.
Your fears? They’ll fade away like the chimes of bells once rung,
The voices in your head will soon seem not so harsh.
The light will come, and night’s darkness leave unsung

With heart beats racing to a different dialogue,
You’ll finally see, you really made it home.

36 thoughts on “Finally Home.

  1. Just claiming me spot.Until I see the Naij goodies you are BUYING for me, I aint commenting or evn sef reading your post! 🙂


  2. come bac oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mr man…ive been seein ur footprints all over blogsville's comment boxes…..u knw what is waitin 4 u and u de naij de flenjour…newais wer waitin 4 u…*one hand on hip and waggiin other finger…..nice comment tho…men…the genesis of most womens problems..ope ur not in that category oh…abi ur like scribbles "nice guy" which is even worse or is it?…wo i dunno…la'er…


  3. @my— lol..still in naija… stuck in the recesses of d naija delta tho…@poeticallytinted—thanks….very flattering comment@CLG — lol…working on it.. if border control will allow me!@simeone— lol…thx a million bruv..@mini mimi la mimz—- for yr mind sha….. u dey form naija delta ogbologbo mama for Me abi? no worry from tuesday next week na 3hr sleep till mid june. our mama moni no go loss!


  4. Really brilliant writeup.Quite thoughtful of you to do this for them. Hope they're bloggers and so, will read it.I think I've found the long lost great great great great great grand son of Shakespeare- DB! To write that post at a sitting is truly commendable. Well done!


  5. This actually made me cry… with a smile… THANK YOU!! I should call you now… wait, when I'm articulate enough… lol.. Really though, thanks so much for been there and listening (u better not be shrinking me… lol… if not I'll start to hand out diagnosis to you too..) Ok, I really can't stop crying now… will ttyl…


  6. WowWhere were you earlier in the year? I could have used your lovely words for real. They are like a plaster, they won't cure the wounds but it will help it heal faster.Hope your friends feel better soon.


  7. weldone DB…dr r friends dt sticketh closer dn a broda…nice of u 2std by ur friends in dr time of nd…I hope they come out stronger (heads up, shoulders high n all)…nice poem 2…wish I were lyrically inclined but naaah!


  8. I sincerely hope that whatever trial or tribulations they may be experiencing,no matter how overwhelming their current predicament may seem…that they do hold on,and surely make it home…with self confidence,and faith restored…This is really good….I hope they get to read it sometime….On my last post….it was quite close to being random i must say…but it's just based on an experience while shopping…it's just centered around Women's handbags,Dude's opinions,and stuff related to that…Hope you are having a blast in Nigeria…How's it going over there.???…Sorry i never asked…


  9. Wow! this is absolutely brilliant!…talk of genius at work…Love the way blogville peops rally round their own in times of need…Well done DB!!!


  10. Awww, pastor DB I get that bible poetry flow, and an undertone of 'weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning'Good job. And I hope they get to read this and see how much u care about them.Nice work 🙂


  11. Ok this poem was EXCELLENT.I loved your rhyme scheme and the repetition of "be still, stay strong, you'll make it home". Also loved the final couplet. Loved this verse as well:"Although your cracked voice breaks out in wails,And hell with all its fury and fiends seem sent.Be still, Stay strong, you’ll make it home"Loved it.Hope your friends stay strong and make it home indeed.


  12. @luciousron — LOL.. Thx.. I think one is well on the way to resolving the big issues..@(Ready)Dee — LOL…. Nope, they are not bloggers… Two read my blog, I emailed the third the poem… Any link to Shakespeare is fine by me… Though connsidering my skin tanned jet black by a combination of genetics and the jungle sun, it would be very difficult to proove that link…@Dee — made u cry? WOW.. I'm flattered.. Thankful you liked it… If i wrote a poem everytime I shrinked someone, I'd have an impressive array of work waitinng to be published… By the way, I might need some insomnia diagnoses the way its going!@Dabizniz — LOL.. Thanks a lot bro..@Caramel Delight — Guess the key is you survived anyways….. Maybe these peeps needed these words in this season…@JustDoyin — Yup, that was my hope too… LOL.. U never know what you can write until you start methinks… Nice stuff you blogging about too at yours BTW.@RocNaija — True.. but i guess the empathy i felt after listening to yet another story of being taken for granted forced me to just do it!@BSNC– LOL.. Thanks for your compliments.. If you can figure out a timeshare for the brain after August 11, I'm game.. LOL@Scarlet — WOW.. Thanks.. If it helps carry go!@ChiChi — Thanks. True weeping endures for the night, but when tomorrow comes, the sun will shine!@Nana Akua — WOW.. That would be a great compliment, if it helps..@Tigress — LOL>. Thanks.. Definitely staying safe.. Blowinng pidgin like a raz 9ja boi is definitely helping!@Bibi — LOL… No shakes.. Get your aboki gateman to be on the look-out@Kafo — WOW.. FLattered.. Thanks a million


  13. @Rose — Thanks, they've all read it already.. Hopefully it helps them even if its just a wee bit…LOL @ yr last post.. Need my steady broadband connection to digest it nontheless..@NoLimit –LOL @ genius… Thanks nonetheless.. Not sure abt the genius part tho..@Buttercup — LOL — Not sure abt Shakespeare's descendant.. but i take it as a significant compliment to be compared to the iconic English writer@Nerfetiti — LOL @ Pastor DB.. Not heard Pastor attached to my name in close to 7 years.. Hopefully it portends the lifting of my blacksheep thing?@Solomonsydelle — LOL.. Thanks for stopping by..@NigerianDramaQueen — Thanks a million…. Yup the're slowly turning the curve — hard work but making progress anyways@Toluwa — LOL.. Thanks…@Naijagirl — LOL.. Quite a concise summary that one!@Omo Oba — LOL.. Read away.. No issues.. Thanks for the kind compliments@Farida — LOL.. U're not doing badly yourself.. Thanks for the compliements..


  14. so thoughtful of you to think of writing her a peom. i loved the peom, it reminded me of a hymn i love very much. the hymn says 'when peace like a river attendeth my way … it is well with my soul


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