Off to Nigeria……….. A Mini Hiatus…

Hey peeps…

I’ve got a number of key projects to deliver in April – off to Nigeria for a number of weddings, and massive book work issues to resolve. I’ll thus be off on a mini-hiatus for a large portion of April, aside of two key posts; a review of Shane Hipps book Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith sometime next week,  as well as my Blogference for the 29th. As I cannot confirm that I will have access to the internet,  I may not be able to do blog rounds or respond to your comments within the period. If you can lay your hands on the Shane Hipps book, do give it a read. I expect it will make for a stimulating discussion.Do keep the questions flowing in, and have a great month!

May I leave you with the words of John Calvin.. The evil in our desire typically does not lie in what we want, but that we want it too much.. Happy thinking!

48 thoughts on “Off to Nigeria……….. A Mini Hiatus…

  1. Have a safe trip. Hope you get to do all you are going home for and catch some fun too.

    U'll be missed around these parts…

    lol@ Gee


  2. Okay as a 'bigs girlz', *Sniff Sniff* I'm gonna wish u a safe trip. No drink pyoo warra o! Be safe, have fun, and come back to us in one piece.


  3. @Gee — Yup, U were first after quite a while… Where did u appear from???
    @Repressed One — WOW.. You are very kind with your compliments, I hope I can make a quick return
    @Capuccinebaby — Unfortunately I'll miss part 3 of that story you are writing. Anyways, I'll catch up on it when I get back!! I'll miss y'all too
    @Tigress — Thank you o…Shoudl fly out early next week
    @Temite — I'm so fixing to have fuuuun!!!! Scathing sonnet? Bring it on!!!!
    @Original Mgbeke — LOL.. Done.. Golden Morn and milo on the way already!
    @Scarlet — Thanks…
    @ReadyDee — LOL.. Hopefully, I'll not forget my muse in Naija
    @Nefertiti — Awwwwww.. sowwrrryyyyy…..I no go drink pyoo warra o…. I no get the liver o… Yup, I'll try to have fun…

    Thanks peeps!


  4. Safe trip to you, DB. I hope you have a wonderful time in Naija…I wouldn't be surprised if you run into one or two applicants for your e-akara maker advert while you're there!


  5. @Kafo — Thanks o… Looking forward to it…
    @Ochuko — Thank bruv
    @GoodNaijaGirl — Thanks..LOL @ meeting applicants for the e-akara maker.. We'll see… I'm more pragmatic abt it these days.. and its slightly dissapinting that the peeps who had the right of first refusal failed to exercise it..LOL
    @funms the rebirth — Thaaaaaaaaanks.


  6. uh uh, take me take me take me…..can i fit into your luggage?
    Danny, no dey bring naija down, which one be say yu no fit guarantee internet….wetin happen to all the road side shacks turned into cyber cafe and all the wireless internet access made accessible even in my village….oh wait, i forgot, you are going to the creek side. hmmm, shine yur eyes well well. No dey do "I wanna I gonna for them" else them go put you underground
    have a safe and fun filled trip


  7. Naija? Nah you dey enjoy ooooo.. Im sooo jealouss… take me with u.. pack me up and put me in ur suitcase.. nah but forreal thooo.. ave fun!!


  8. @naijagirl ..LMAO.. True — na creek o.. so i gats to blow my pidgin final
    @Funto's Blog — LOL.. No be lie, I get empty suitcase wey u fit enter o…
    @BSNC — LOL @ gala and suya….. No shaking


  9. Aha! I hope..relocation to the Lagos state of mind is part of why you are coming back…
    have a safe trip tho and prepare is damn hot here… take care and have fun!


  10. Ah ahn! This is cheating oh! How can Gee be fist on Vera's blog and this one? Mschewwww!
    DB coming to Naija? *dances samba*
    No pyoo wata ke? I'm already buying bags of the stuff for you!!!


  11. waoh, I find myself envying u that trip…but do have a safe trip, and btw…I've just awarded you…HSA…do the 10 honest things meme…make sure u do it 1st thing upon arrival ok? lol


  12. @Caramel Delight — LOL.. The Las Gidi thing still dey your body o… Will do, but err what charge code, shall we bill the expenses to?
    @Dante — LOL… I hope so.. Though I'd prefer the creeks to lagos…
    @Naughty Eyes — LOL… For a nominal fee, I can arrange to send u an SMS before posting, so u cn jump to the page and be FURSSTTTT
    @JustDoyin — LOL.. That ust be the fourth time I've been tagge. Guess I'll just add 10 random things to the questions people are asking on the 29th
    @Buttercup — LOL@ you getting a headache… Ahn Ahn…..I don't know what your wahala with WordPress is tho… Approved the comments anyways…..I'm searching to see if there's a way I can add some email addys to a safe list so the spam catcher can automatically allow the comments…


  13. @have you any wool — lol.. will do….
    @Farida — LOL.. Its only for a month methinks……Cool on the RSS. Good to know it worke
    @Omo Oba — LOL.. Thanks fro stopping by


  14. @Parakeet —- Thanks boo….. LOL @ ypu beinng too lazy to read.. Hopefully we'll get a stimulating discussion out of it anyways..
    @Dabizniz — True… I hope to enjoy it as much as I can.. And hopefully beginn the process of acclaimatizing to the Gidi stress!


  15. @Caramel Delight — No worries.. working on it ASAP…
    @Fantasy Queen — LOL @ loving the reception… same here……. thx
    @poeticallt tinted — Thanks.. I intend to have a safe trip……..


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