The Fear of Google……

If the internet made information globally available, Google made it accessible…A few weeks back, someone ‘googled’ my real name and could have been able to piece together a considerable amount of my history – stuff like my secondary school and the year I left, my University, my father’s name and some of the work he’s done, my work history, comments I’d made on some blogs in my real name and some stuff I was rightly ashamed to be associated with – like the mug shot i uploaded to the Liverpool website’s worldwide fan database!

That got me thinking about the stuff I do online and just how, when I decide to go head to head with Hot Doug for the Nigerian Presidency in 2023, some smart kid could pull off stuff from Google to knock me out of the race. Now in addition to searching on Google, we can blog, read books, buy and sell, organize our own computers, travel the world, swap videos, organize, create and share documents, network on-line, store, share and edit pictures, talk and even pretend to be Italian business men from the comfort of our Ojuelegba boys quarters (with the connivance of Starcomms that is) for the ’19’ men! If stuff like Google Analytics can pull a lot of data about visitors to your site almost at an IP-based level, I wonder what the master database it is cross referencing can do… That’s a whole lot of power for one company to have methinks…….So I’ve started by deleting my Nigeria-Friends account, turned off the public listing I’ve got on Facebook, as well as deleted my PerfSpot and Hi5 accounts…. Wouldn’t want a boredom induced piece of indiscretion to cost me dear in future… Or maybe its all a part of life and we all just need to get on with it!

Ever ‘googled’ your real name? You just might find it therapeutic!

P.S. Thanks for all your thoughts on my last post… I REALLY am over it…..

76 thoughts on “The Fear of Google……

  1. For every good turn,a bad one is lurking around…….google is fun but I always had a feeling that ideal minds would use it wrongly… you think wordpress is safer???


  2. on the contrary, i thought it weird that nothing ever came up when i googled my name…i had tried all combinations of ma name…first name last name, middle name…nothing ever came up…i guess this is due to the fact that ive never been registered on all dem hi5, myspace,even the current craze…fb…but seeing this made me realize that that might not be such a bad position afterall…although..i do have one compromisin picture like dat which one otondo took of me @ a party n uploaded on fb…thenkfully i wasnt tagged so i can feign ignorance n call "it wasnt me"…that is if it ever surfaces or becomes an issue in the…lucky mi i guess…


  3. Haa! All that which you've just explained and after googling I shud find it therapeutic? Huh-uh…I think i'd be horrified.

    I'm even scared to attempt googling my name sef…kai


  4. i love google sha. it can be good and it can bad. things just cant be hidden on the internet. so if u have intentions to be in the limelight in the future, just be careful today of what u do on the internet so scandals will not arise. its not all negative publicity that can be profitable


  5. @Jaguda — Heading that way sharpish… Thanks for stopping by
    @RocNaija — Sorted — Thx
    @Farida — Not really.. Moving to wordpress so I can have greater control over access to posts – ie lock individual posts if i need to versus shutting down the whole blog..
    @Mimz — LOL.. Clean bill of health then… Wish I knew enough not to join the Hi5, FBs and co of this world….Hopefully no one will recognize you from the 'Otondo' picture on FB!
    @Afronuts — LOL… Maybe not then…
    @Uzezi — Google and Wikipedia are the two greatest things to happen to information in recent history….We do need to take care in posting stuff anyways.. Thx for stopping by..


  6. I know what you mean o- this is so true. it's possible for anyone to just dig out dirt on you sometime in the future. I'm trying to stay clean and have a good record so no one can bring any skeletons out of my wardrobe,so to speak. But my name's also on google, you know. I've tried it…it's been used for a good cause…so thats good news! hehehe. TKC


  7. It can work positively in your favor too – even with your real names!!
    Plus it's time to build the 2023 momentum with Google and your real name!!


  8. The fear of google is truly the beginning of wisdom these days. Googling my name brought up almost 135 results and I could hardly contain my shock . . . virtually everything about me is on Google, even down to the funny stuff I do on my blog! Man, na wa o. I just hope this does not 'affect' my political career. No lele sha. Hey, how come you guys are targeting 2023. That's my year so please, you, Doug and the others should wait till 2027 or 2031 (incase I decide to go for a second or third term). lol


  9. @Ochuko — so true… maybe we need to try re-inventing ourselves….
    @Geebee — LOL.. Nicely put….Ahn ahn, everybody is going for 2023? Anyways – all I want is the oil portfolio, gats some serious idea to spruce them up..LOL….


  10. let me tell you a story. Had a secret friend, no real name just a voice on the phone. i'm stumped for weeks then she sends me an email. By the power of google vested in me, i discovered first & last names, previous residences and photos.

    Scary don't you think.

    That's on one hand. On the other, DB I'm looking to be made in "this thing of ours"


  11. Yes google is like my best site on the internet. I have google everything and everyone. I made my facebook listing private awhile back and deleted a bunch of social sites. I am not planning on becoming president of anything yet but who knows better safe than sorry.


  12. Now of course after finding out your real name and all, i tried using it on facebook, it didn't work. So I had to use your real email ….of course its the first two characters dot you @ one of the best emails dot com.
    See, even though you turn off all those settings, you can't still escape from a PHP web developer who creates scripts that marks out the name of company that provides your internet service and then trying to find out if you are in their database and if that information is not readily available, try to find out the other addresses you have visited through that SAME BROWSER and then try to find out IF any of the browsers have an email address marked out on them. And if they do, try to find out if you filled out any forms on that browser WITH YOUR HOUSE ADDRESS!

    pheeeeeeeeeeeeew! I should work with the CIA!


  13. I kinda agree…it is sort of scary the direction things are added with videophones, google-health etc. I deleted my fbk account about this same time but never the less, if people want to pull out shitty stuff about us, they still can – those skeletons never leave us. sorry to burst your bubble:0


  14. @Omo Oba — The sad part is information is continuously cached such that deleting an account doesn't necessarily mean all the misdeeds are gone forever….. LOL…. Our Yahoo brethren might just benefit from Google Translate in ways never before envisaged….


  15. Did you chansge yr blog again?
    Totally unnerving, I made a comment online in 2005 and d comment haunts me till today everyday my name is googled.
    However, Its more scary that all online activity is being tracked and cached including sites you visit.
    I guess the phrase "never do in your bedroom what you don't want on TV" applies to this as well.


  16. @ Sleekiest — Not too much change this time… Merely tweaked the front page to be a static one — all else remains the same… Google… Thankfully, nothing particularly incriminating about me, except a link between RustGeek and my real self.. which I think I have sorted out now.. LOL


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