Don’t waste……………your mugging!

I heard John Piper tell a story in a message today from his “Don’t Waste Your Life Conference” based on the Julio Diaz story…

Apparently the guy’s a social worker and, like all chronic Bachelors, frequents a particular diner for his evening meal on the way back from work on Fridays. On this day, he was ambushed by a would-be mugger. Rather than attempt to struggle, Diaz proceeded to offer his coat, and then dinner to the teenager.

Ultimately, we do not know what happened to the teenager, but I dare say the uncommon show of empathy would have struck a cord in the would-be mugger’s life.

Guess the moral of the story is that even something as potentially dangerous as a mugging could be a chance to make demonstrate the principles of Christ in the real world..

You can read the full story here on the NPR site.

Enjoy this LightHouse family song.. Forever You and Me/ High

32 thoughts on “Don’t waste……………your mugging!

  1. @Neema — I think so too..@Bumight – I didn't mention Liverpool again o……Can't you HarseNAWL ppl just leave us alone? At least we won against at the Bernabeu, not at home against a completely flummoxed Roma side which was patently out of sorts!


  2. hmmm i guess we just have to use every oppourtunity for his glory. Though i must admit that would not be wat i'd be thinking of if i were in such situation.


  3. hmmm, Not to take the whole Morale away from this inspiring story …but you think he was capable of doing such because he was a social worker…i.e knowledgeable about social issues???


  4. Everyday of our lives, we meet such opportunities to make a difference but we usually miss the point…May God give us the grace to recognize such situation so we can act differently, Amen…***this is really an inspiration post you share with us. Thanks…


  5. Thats what you call intervention. I listen to Premier and something similar happened to a Youth Pastor in LDN. Some young guys followed him to his car and all he could give them was the church offering. He somehow managed to talk his way out of it and even offered them the chance to give their lives. He said they gave the money back and legged it. God is good.


  6. @Scarlet — Guess so…@Funms — So so true@Femi B – Quite possibly, but we are the sum total of all our knowledge, experiences and beliefs, so we may not be able to definitively come to a conclusion on why he did what he did@Miss Iyabo — So true — great opporunties often come inauspiciously..@Teee — Quite possibly, guess there are so many variables in neach particular situationn anyways@Jabez – Thanks for stopping by.. John Piper has to be up there with the very best of preachers still alive@Afrobabe — Maybe, guess he also probably knows the area well too…


  7. This story could have gone either way; the mugger could have taken offence or accepted the offer. But, I guess the moral of the story still remains that you can still do good in the face of adversity. thanks Danny, this is a good post


  8. WOW. I dunno if I woulda done that. In fact, I'm pretty sure I woulda said, "You better try that nonsense with an American girl." LOLWell, that's if the person looks like I can intimidate him/her. If gun dey, ah…. I don surrender be that. LOL!So here's the weird thing::::: I never blog rolled you! Been wondering how come you never updated. Hmmmm. Coulda sworn I did. Well, that's gonna change now!


  9. @Naijagirl — Quite rightly so too…@Vera — U wan try yourself if u see gun, or even better knife? LOL.. Now I hope that will not drive more people looking for my humble self to your blog?????????


  10. My boss gave us that tin to read a while back. A part of me said 'mschewwwww God punish that nucca who tries to mugg me. He better pray I don't overpower him, and grab the knife. I'd have castrated his ass' but then again, I do understand the morale of the story. That muggee, could very well have been the salvation that boy needed in his life.God help us be good examples.


  11. Wow….i guess im not such a sweetheart after all..i'd never have done that. Thanx for sharing!I love that song! Havent heard it in a min..How u dey? U've run away from fb again, huh?


  12. @flygirl — defo true — wish we would all live out our liturgy…@Neffie — That Lighthouse song…… If I were ever going to smoke, that would have done it… Cos they used it for a Benson and Hedges advert back in the day — which was how i discovered them in the first place…LOL – yap started blogging in 2007, but was not really consistent….Really took off blogging in October 2008. No min' the Feedjit thing jare…


  13. I am shamelessly here to stalk U…Read on:Miss Opeke wuz 'ere to drum up support to be Nominate for An Award in Naija Blogger's Award blog…Let's Go there!!! 4get Verastic…LOL…Juz gife it all to Moi!!! LOL!!!


  14. Men…very few people can do what the guy did!but that action could change the life of the would be mugger!wow!lighthouse family…when last did i listen to anything from them


  15. Since some ppl are doing it, me sef lemme do it….Vote for me in the Naija Bloggers awards '09….I have never won a blogger award b4….:( (Pity Vote!!!)


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