On WHINEger, Manure, Chelski, Rafa TINKERman and a weekend of Premiership Football..

First off an apology — Was tied up with my books (U know old men and books need time to gell together o)..

Looks like some sort of normal service has been restored to the EPL…Prof “WHINEger” getting a response from his boys against the Manure, Anelka shaking off his characteristic lethargy to score twice and send Chelski top of the table again and Robbie Keane getting “the monkey off his back” as Rafa Tinkerman so succintly put it..

I’ve never been a fan of Arsenal’s immitation of “total football” but I have to admit I loved the way they put Manure to the sword – granted there were comical comments (like the back pass that Almunia picked up early in the game), dodgy moments (like Clichy’s handball – or ball to hand incident) but overall Arsenal were good value for their win… The text messages I’ve been receiving seem to suggest that Arsenal fans feel like they’ve turned the curve — but remember this was Manure and they generally do not come to kick you off the pitch like a Stoke City would do… Let’s see how Arsenal do against a more physical side.. That will be the true test of how far they’ve banished the devils of the past.. Good part of the win is that it keep Manure several point behind Liverpool — which bodes well for us…

Chelski on the other hand have a knack for playing the smaller teams off the park in the short time Scolari has been around. My personal take is tyhat they will struggle to get results against the other member of the Big Four – a draw at home to Manure and a loss to Liverpool have not done much to change my mind on that..

Lots of positives for Liverpool from this weekend – two goals from Robbie Keane, a run out for Torres and a clean sheet would have helped settle some frayed nerves at Anfield.. Still early days, but quite possibly its shaping up to be a challenge that will last well into the new year at least……

Anyways, a great weekend of football was made exquisite by my completing “Half of a Yellow Sun” (after 3 months of sitting on my shelf), a trip to Yorkshire in the UK and a return to Facebook (yeah — uunfortunatly i seem to lack the will power to stay off completely so I’ve promised myself two logons every day in my brand new account – once in the morning, once n the evening) Hope i succed at that….

6 thoughts on “On WHINEger, Manure, Chelski, Rafa TINKERman and a weekend of Premiership Football..

  1. u talk a lot about futball dont u???lol!!i loved half of a yellow sun!!thanx for liking me blog!who knows..mayb ull get a blogger number*wink*


  2. Oh no u didnt! U didnt just call my team, the REIGNING CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE, 'Manure'!!! LOL…but on the real, our loss wounded me mehn..i created some sort of 'war'(albeit not intentionally) between the gunners n the red devils through my status on fb..lol..I see u r a Liverless, oops, Liverpool fan..heheIm yet to read that book! I have to look for it *makes mental note*


  3. @Blackberry — Maybe with some luck and diligence I'll get a number.
    LOL@Buttercup — Reigning european champs or not, we (Liverpool – the most successful British Club of all time btw) have always referred to our rivals down the M62 as "Manure" a pointless jibe mind u.. but mentally rewarding tho… The Liverless one is a new one tho.. Will be on the look out for it….
    @Abujamaiden — Don't worry, u'll be fine.. Nothing soccernet or the bbc football website cannot resolve u know….Plus I think u've got time to sort out yr "football literacy" issues..


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