Saturday Evening Blues…

Felt really bad last night… Guess the initiating event was Liverpool’s cruel defeat to Tootenham Hotspur after bossing the game for 60ish minutes and scoring as early as the 3rd minute… and the flurry of text messages I got form all over the globe (seriously).. Chaps from Nigeria, the US, the UK and even one from Australia all bombarded my phone with messages on how Liverpool have once again flattered to deceive and all what not….

Too bad — hope the guys can pick themselves up and go on a good run… like after the Stoke game.. Feel that Rafa “Tinkerman” Benitez had a hand with some subs that didn’t need to have happened.. Well.. hindsight they say is perfect sight.. So i’ll not second guess the chap.. that’s why he’s paid so much and I’m just a bloody unknown guy lost in the crowd…..

Anyways — stumbled on this video on YouTube (what will we not see on that site sef..) of Whitney Houston doing “One Moment in Time” at the opening of the Arthur Ashe Stadium..
Enjoy… .

5 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Blues…

  1. Hmm — saw the win — great game.. But remember that Manure generally try to play as against kick you off the field — lets see how u perform against a more physical side….


  2. Mehn — grudgingly found myself applaudinng these Gooner kids today.. Those kids played Wigan off the park.. Ominous signs for the rest of us in the Premier League…


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