What’s in a Worldview?

Russ Bush:

A worldview is that basic set of assumptions that gives meaning to one’s thoughts. A worldview is the set of assumptions that someone has about the way things are, about what things are, about why things are.

St. Augustine of Hippo:

True faith is bound up with reason

James W. Sire (The Universe Next Door):

A worldview is a set of presuppositions (assumptions which may be true, partially true or entirely false) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously, consistently or inconsistently) about the basic make-up of our world.

If you are like me, who works in a corporate environment, you like buzz words – continuous improvement, improving the bottom line, bare essentials, proactive engagement, and the like. Add to that list hermeneutics, exegesis, 30/40 window, mission focused lifestyle – and worldview – if you play around in “spiritually” intellectual circles.

So do we need another buzz word, another catch phrase to bamboozle the lay man or the uninformed? Maybe bamboozle is only the end result due to wrong application and not the true focus of this. Simply put, our worldview is the sum of our basic presuppositions about the “why” of existence. This is of utmost criticality – wrong here a man is dead wrong everywhere else. This essentially becomes the prism through which we view life, the “evil in the face of a good God” connudrum, the problem of life’s “unfairness” etc.

Consider your worldview not as some lofty, technical term meant purely for some old Christian apologist stuck in some old monastery somewhere but as a vibrant part of your thinking, living and doing in the “real” world. If truth has universal application then all worldviews are mutually exlusive and there must be a “right” worldview. Some assumption about the “why” of life must be wrong and some other “right”. 2 Tim 2:15 talks about us “studying to show yourself approved unto God…. rightly dividing the word of truth”, rightly providing a basis for the reason we believe, instant in season.

Remember – as a man thinketh in his heart – so is he!

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